not just a church, we're a family!

And there's always room for you to join!

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Sundays at 9:30 & 11:15 am - 1787 Logan Avenue

We are a proud member of our community in Winnipeg, and want to invite you to join us! 

We sing, spend time learning together how we can apply God's Word to our lives in a way that makes sense. 

Your kids will love hanging out in The Kingdom (our Sunday program for kids), and middle schoolers have a blast in Transit

We fully believe that your life will improve if you apply what Scripture says to your everyday life and spend time in community with any Church Family. 

We are here for you to help you win at life! 

Cross Church is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

Our Mission

Targeting the next generation, we are leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

What Others are saying


"This is a place where God really transforms people. Where they really do lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ." 

-MB (via Facebook)


"Absolutely amazing church. Clean, well managed, very polite positive people, wheelchair friendly, more than enough space, very welcoming..." 

-WD (via Google reviews)


"I love Cross Church because I never feel judged here and there are many opportunities to serve God and people!" 

-CR (via Facebook)


"Cross Church is where my heart is. Love my family here." 

-ER (via Facebook)

 "Cross Church is my home away from home. The teachings are excellent, real, and challenge me to my very core. Pastor Alan is like family and his heart is genuine. If you're looking to meet or reconnect with Jesus....He can be found at Cross Church. I will definately be back!" 

-RD (via Facebook)


"I LOVE this Church!!! The Pastor and his staff are so very caring and it is a true Bible believing Church!! Like a family there everyone is so kind and helpful." 

-VA (via Facebook)

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We are a church family that will help guide you through your circumstances today and to where you'd like to be tomorrow.

How we're reaching the next generation

We believe very strongly that church should never be boring for a child or teenager.

Through our programs, students are able to learn all about God on their level in a safe and fun environment.

The Kingdom is Sunday morning during the 11:15 am gathering for kids ages 0-grade 5.

Transit, our middle school program runs on both Sundays at 11:15 am and Fridays at 7:00 pm. Middle school years are vital for kids to learn about faith and make it their own!

Encounter Youth is exclusively for high schoolers and runs each Friday night at 7:00 pm. Through activities, groups and relevant teaching, high school kids come to experience what God and the Christian life is all about (see here for upcoming events at Encounter).

Current sunday sermons

At Cross Church, we typically spend 2-6 weeks discussing similar ideas. We call these sermon series. 

Click here if you'd like to catch up on the current series or listen to previous sermons.

The Missional Life - Starts February 18

It's the first century AD and the world is very much steeped in superstition, paganism and and what we would call evil. But the world began to change, thanks to a band of devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Peter and the Apostles were reaching the Jews of Israel, while Paul and Barnabas were going to the non-Jewish world with the story of Jesus death, resurrection and message of life. After seventy years, there were 40 churches around the Roman Empire, not to mention the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of small groups (house churches). How can we carry on this legacy?   

Our lead pastor

Alan Duncalfe has led Cross Church since 1994 with his wife, Gloria and three children. Most Sundays, he's the one you'll see on stage speaking. You can expect the speaking part of a Sunday gathering to last about 40-45 minutes. 

When you attend a Sunday Gathering, you'll hear a talk that is relevant to your life, based in the Bible, and full of hope. 

One of Pastor Alan's greatest passions is to tenaciously study Scripture and present it in a way that makes sense so that you can go home and apply it to your life. He has a knack for finding the intersection between our modern culture and what God's Word has to say about it. 

You'll often hear him encouraging you to let the Spirit of God speak to you during a message- that simply means for you to listen to what God wants you to do. When you ask God to reveal something to you, He surely will, so listen carefully.

If you have a chance to meet with him after the message, you'll find that Pastor Alan is a very grounded and humble person; he's the same guy on stage as he is in a coffee shop. He loves meeting new people and is excited to help you out!

Thru The bible in one year

We've started a group on Facebook for anyone who wants to read through the Bible in 2018. Here we'll help you stay accountable and prompt you for which scriptures to read every day.

It's not too late to join- you don't even have to catch up! Just jump in, and in about 15 minutes or so each day, you'll be prompted with each day's readings, stretched by thought-provoking questions and encouraged by the insights of other group members. Join us!