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Government Orange Caution Restrictions

Winnipeg moves to restricted orange

On Friday our government announced that they are moving the Winnipeg region to Restricted Orange Caution Level as of Monday, September 28th. According to the province, these restrictions will be in place for at least 4 weeks.

That means next weekend we will still be allowed to gather at 30% capacity, and in accordance with this order, masks will be mandatory inside our building. We will continue to function at 30% capacity, and we will continue to broadcast both the 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM gatherings on our YouTube channel at [link].

For Small Groups…
There is still one week left of groups after September 28, and with the new group restrictions of 10 people in place, groups might need to get creative to meet. The church is an option for your group to meet, as well as meeting online via Zoom or Google Hangouts. If your group would like to use the church, please email Pastor Chris at [email protected]

For other ministries…
Other ministries in the church (e.g.: youth ministry, Tuesday Prayer) will be allowed to function in the building under current capacity rules, with everyone wearing masks and physically distancing.

This new caution level reminds us that we are not out of the woods yet. Remember to wash your hands frequently, and if you are not feeling well, please stay home.

While this is most definitely an inconvenience for our city, we as Christians can use this as an opportunity to love and support one another and to put the needs of our community ahead of our desires. We want to set the example and be a blessing to everyone during this pandemic.

Targeting the next generation, we are leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church!

What People Are Saying


"This is a place where God really transforms people. Where they really do lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

-MB (via Facebook)


"I love Cross Church because I never feel judged here and there are many opportunities to serve God and people!"

-CR (via Facebook)


"Cross Church is my home away from home. The teachings are excellent, real, and challenge me to my very core. Pastor Alan is like family and his heart is genuine. If you're looking to meet or reconnect with Jesus....He can be found at Cross Church. I will definately be back!"

-RD (via Facebook)


"I LOVE this Church!!! The Pastor and his staff are so very caring and it is a true Bible believing Church!! Like a family there everyone is so kind and helpful."

-VA (via Facebook)

Join us this weekend!

We have 2 Gatherings every Sunday. We find we are running out of space, so be sure to arrive a few minutes early to get a view of our campus, check your kids into The Kingdom and grab a cup of coffee.

The first 20 minutes or so of our gatherings are dedicated to music, singing, and worshipping God. We like a more modern approach to church music- guitars and drums will be present, so expect some noise. Then we hear a message from Pastor Alan. Expect it to last about 70 minutes.

First Gathering


9:30 AM

Second Gathering


11:15 AM