Sacrifices that Please God: Part 5 – Sacrifice of A Broken Spirit
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David committed adultery with Bathsheba at the height of his kingship. The luxury, freedom, and powers he enjoyed had blinded him to his sin. This is a common danger to us all. His sin had blinded him to what matters most, which is a close relationship with God. And David knew this! He wrote many Psalms about being close to the heart of God. David followed the seductions of sin and it took hold of his life. He began going through the religious rituals, offering an abundance of animal sacrifices, but in his heart, he was far from God. It was in the depths of his sin that God confronted him and David knew that he had walked away from the One who loved Him, His God. David wrote Psalm 51 to commemorate his repentance and to remind all God’s people of every generation about what God really wants. It’s not burnt offerings God wants, it’s a sacrifice of a broken spirit. Why? Because by nature we desire what is sinful and we want to do as we please. There is a real sacrifice involved.