Thank You, Father! #4 The Gift of Jesus
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The greatest thing that God has done for us is give us His Son, Jesus, and giving thanks for Christ has been enshrined in Christian worship from day one in the form of Communion. There are a number of titles used to describe this sacrament such as The Lord’s Supper, the Breaking of Bread, Communion and Eucharist. Eucharist comes from the Greek and literally means “thank you.” Giving thanks is what this sacrament is about. Jesus Himself instituted this sacrament along with one other, namely, baptism. Notice that thanksgiving and rejoicing always accompany these Christ practices? Why? Because of the new life and the communion that is established been God the Father and us. Jesus makes this possible. Through Christ, we come into communion—or fellowship—with God and we become part of His family. This family is sacred. It is called the Church and its called the Body of Christ. We are called to be grateful for Jesus’ work on the Cross and we are called to be grateful for our Church family.